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the greek oil ometer heat pump circulation system size

Numerical investigation on the performance, sustainability

Jul 03, 2019 · To reflect the electricity consumption by circulating pump, the coefficient of system performance (CSP) was proposed in this work to better quantify the system efficiency. With the typical pipe structure and flow rate specified in this study, it is found that the lower limit of the DBHE system is at a CSP value of 3.7. algeria the spherical tank heat pump circulation system sizeR-134a fluid was used in a heat pump system. For production of hot water in the range of 3070 °C the heat pump operated at a COP of 4.8. Xu et al. designed a HCPVT system with grooved tube as shown in Fig. 17 to report a thermal efficiency of 30%. The thermal efficiency decreased with water heating and dependent on the water and the

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