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10L Liquid Nitrogen Dewar - Liquid Nitrogen Tank

The U.S. Solid 10L Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Dewars Tank is perfect for LN2 storage. Using Dewar technology, this tank uses an insulating process utilizing a vacuum between two interior walls which are constructed with aircraft grade aluminum. It comes with 6 canisters fixed to straws for storing specimens inside the container and an 6L Liquid Nitrogen Dewar - Liquid Nitrogen Tank This Dewars tank is portable and lightweight, weighing approx. 11 lbs. empty (about 21 lbs. full) making it convenient to handle in any situation you may be in. Static holding time for this tank is 40 days. U.S. Solid offers a 6 L Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Dewars Tank that can store your LN2. CT Cryogenics Dewar Liquid Nitrogen ContainersAll tanks 25%OFF. CT Cryogenics liquid nitrogen containers offer long-term storage and low liquid nitrogen consumption in a convenient light-weight, low cost package. All tanks come with a insulated cover to protect the tank and reduce liquid nitrogen loss, a handy LN2 level measuring device and have a 2-year vacuum guarantee!

CT-35 Dewar Liquid Nitrogen Tanks

A New Dewar Liquid Nitrogen Semen Tank! This tank offers extra large storage capacity. It holds a over 35 litres of liquid nitrogen and has storage room for 1284 bulk .5ml straws of semen. It can go almost 7 months between refills! The lid locks with your padlock for security. Cryogenic Storage Dewar For Liquid Nitrogen & Helium A liquid nitrogen dewar should have the shape, capacity, and material construction to store your sample. Look for dewars that feature high performance construction and advanced insulation materials to ensure high thermal efficiency. Nitrogen dewars should have low heat conductivity and a high vacuum. Cryogenic liquid containersDewars are open, nonpressurized vessels for holding cryogenic liquids. The cryogenic products normally found in liquid containers are liquid nitrogen (LIN), liquid argon (LAR), liquid oxygen (LOX), and liquid helium (LHE). Carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are also available as refrigerated liquids in similar Dewars - Air Products & ChemicalsLiquid Cryogenic Tanks . Air Products supplies liquid cryogenic tanks (dewars) in different volumes to meet any requirement. For MRI and other applications, we supply liquid helium via 60-, 100-, 250- and 500-liter ruggedly constructed and superinsulated dewars. For the semiconductor, displays, and photovoltaics markets, our specialty chemicals and gases are supplied via our fleet of stainless

Liquid Nitrogen Dewars - Worthington Industries

The Worthington Industries Liquid Dewar (LD) Series of cryogenic dewars are designed for storing and dispensing smaller amounts of liquid nitrogen. The line includes a pitcher-style dewar for easy pouring (LD4), a beaker-style wide-mouth dewar (5LD), and a unique onion-style dewar (CLASSIC-25) that offers an improved center of gravity for ease MVE Lab Series Dewars - Chart IndustriesThese high efficiency, super insulated dewars are the most convenient, economical way to store and dispense liquid nitrogen. Many lab units can be fitted with pouring spouts, pressurized dispensing devices or dippers to aid in the transfer of liquid nitrogen. New and Used Cryogenic Storage Tanks, Dewars, Nitrogen Cryogenic tanks, dewars, cryogenic vessels, liquid nitrogen containers, and more new and used lab equipment for sale at LabX. Classifieds, auctions, and free wanted ads - Nitrogen - Airgas

  • What Is Nitrogen?Industrial ApplicationsSupply ModesNitrogen (N2) is a versatile gas used across a wide range of applications and industries, and were always ready to supply it for new applications that arise. We offer nitrogen in multiple purities and supply modes. We offer compressed and liquid nitrogen in various grades specific to different applications, such as: A coolant for concrete work An assist gas for laser cutting A pressurizing agent in pipelines A cryogenic for preserving biological material A welding gas in automotive manufacturing Download spe

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      • Liquid NitrogenLiquid nitrogenLNis nitrogen in a liquid state at low temperature (195.79 °C (77 K; 320 °F) boiling point at sea level). It is produced industrially by fractional distillation of liquid air. It is a colorless, low viscosity liquid that is widely used as a coolant.
          • Did you know: Liquid Nitrogen has numerous other uses like instant freezing of food products and transportation of food products. factslegendDry Ice

            Nitrogen - Airgas

            For those who have outgrown cylinders and dewars but lack the space for bulk storage, we offer nitrogen through Airgas MicroBulka safe, clean and efficient solution for higher-volume users. Bulk Deliveries Nitrogen is also available in bulk gas and liquid deliveryas well as in a full range of purities and tank sizes. Pipeline liquid nitrogen tank for sale 11 product ratings - 3L Liquid Nitrogen Tank Cryogenic Container W/ Bag Dewar Tank /Semen $119.94 Trending at $199.99 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Portable Dewars for Liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen & ArgonThe CL/CLPB is an ideal liquid nitrogen tank that works equally well with liquid oxygen or liquid argon. This line of portable cryogenic dewars is intended for low pressure transport and storage with conventional straight liquid dispensing. These tanks ready to roll with sturdy construction and casters.

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