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49 CFR § 178.274 - Specifications for UN portable tanks

(a) General. (1) Each UN portable tank must meet the requirements of this section. In addition to the requirements of this section, requirements specific to UN portable tanks used for liquid and solid hazardous materials, non-refrigerated liquefied gases and refrigerated liquefied gases are provided in §§ 178.275, 178.276 and 178.277, respectively.. Requirements for approval, maintenance PERMIT APPLICATION TO INSTALL ABOVEGROUND The tank outlets shall be equipped with some sort of anti-siphon device located as close as practical to the tank. Flexible connections shall be provided at every change of direction from the vertical to the horizontal, and vice versa. Non-metallic piping shall be properly installed per [DOC]EPA Evaporative Emissions Regulations for Boat Fuel  · Web viewYes, metallic tanks are subject to the permeation standard, but as long as the gaskets, fittings and cap meet the criteria, then the tank can be deemed certified or design certified for permeation. The distinction between metallic tanks and non-metallic tanks is that with metallic tanks emissions do not permeate through the tank wall.

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