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Globecore GmbH company is one of the the leading manufacturers of bitumen handling equipment. Our company is located in Germany; it has its subsidiaries and dealer network throughout the world. Our quality managements system has been certified in compliance with ISO9001. The equipment produced by the company boasts up-to-date design and high performance due to recent developmentsRead More About us - GlobeCore Bitumen Emulsion.Producers of asphalt emulsions and polymer modified bitumen can purchase not only bitumen emulsion and modified bitumen preparation units, but also additional equipment required for operation of asphalt plants, such as asphalt emulsion and polymer modified bitumen storage tanks, pump assemblies, bitumen filters, water heaters, bitumen boilers Bitumen Emulsion Storage Tank SBE-30 - GlobeCoreAPPLICATION Bitumen emulsion storage vessel SBE -30 is designed for operation at asphalt production and repair facilities, road construction, water-proofing and soft roofing facilities, for collection and storage of bitumen based binding liquids, such as water-bitumen emulsions, polymer modified bitumen, thinned bitumen etc. The unit is designed for operation in ambient temperatures from + 5

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Bitumen storage tank - GlobeCore. Oil Purification Systems. Bitumen storage tank facility can be of two types:vertical and horizontal. However, vertical storage tanks are more popular today. They are economical, simple to operate and maintain. Modern bitumen and bitumen emulsion storage vessels are advanced and reliable enough to store the Bitumen Tank - Bitumen Storage Tank Manufacturer from Bitumen Storage Tank offered comes supported by generator, burner and mixer support so as to offer optimum mixing and melting of bitumen and helping it keep warm. Further, these bitumen tanks can be made available in different configuration choices so as to Bitumen container/bitumen tank level, overfill Bitumen is an important ingredient in asphalt production. It binds stone aggregates together to form the finished asphalt. To enable cost-effective asphalt production, reliable level measurement and overfill protection in the storage tank is required. Bitumen storage tank - GlobeCore. Oil Purification Systems.Bitumen storage tank facility can be of two types:vertical and horizontal. However, vertical storage tanks are more popular today. They are economical, simple to operate and maintain. Modern bitumen and bitumen emulsion storage vessels are advanced and reliable enough to store the material with strict adherence to storage standards.

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Bitumen is a binder and must remain so, without becoming solid or separating into water and bitumen in case of water-bitumen emulsions. There are two types of bitumen storage tanks:horizontal and vertical. Vertical tanks are more popular, being easier to use, more economical and having a much smaller footprint. How to Start Bitumen Emulsions Business? - GlobeCoreNote that GlobeCore Company manufactures other equipment used in the road construction industry:bitumen storage tanks, sprayers and polymer modified bitumen production units. GlobeCore specialists are always ready to advise and make recommendations regarding the optimal configurations of a bitumen emulsion plant. Hy-Way Asphalt Storage Tanks Construction Equipment Equipment Description. Hy-Way Heat has been designing and building asphalt storage and heating systems since 1947. Over the last 60 years Hy-Way has set the industry standard for liquid heating and storage with a focus on maintaining the highest thermal efficiency for all types of asphalts and polymers. Preparation and Properties of Modified Bitumen - GlobeCore Finished modified bitumen is pumped into bitumen storage tanks, or into containers for preparation of bituminous mastic. Mixture of polymer modified bitumen is allowed to stabilize for 60 minutes, which is necessary for swelling of granules. Offloading to customers or for in-house production is carried out directly from the storage tank.

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Bitumen emulsion system UVB-1 (production capacity 8 m³/h) Polymer modified bitumen plants type UVB-2. Bitumen modification plant UVB-2 (production capacity 6 m3/h) Inline bitumen modification plant UVB-2 (production capacity 20 m3/h) Vertical/horisontal asphalt storage tank for bitumen products; Bitumen SBM-15 Modified bitumen collection tank (UVB-2 The SBM modified bitumen 1 Modified bitumen is characterized by improved flexibility and longer service life, it also has a lower brittleness temperature and higher softening temperature. collection tank is designed for storage of modified bitumen produced with the UVB-2 unit. It can be supplied as a stand-alone product and be retrofitted into existing modified bitumen production equipment. Skid Mounted Bitumen Modification Unit - GlobeCoreFig.4. Skid Mounted Bitumen Modification Unit This set may also be equipped with (1) modified bitumen storage tanks with volume of 15 and 30 m³; (2) container-type storage tank with volume of 32 m³; (4) an oil heat generator with capacity of 70-500 kW (kilowatt) that operates on any kind of fuel or electricity. UVB-1 Bitumen emulsion plant 8 m3/hour production GlobecoreBitumen emulsions are transported in special tanks, bitumen carriers, cubic vessels and metal barrels. Storage of bitumen emulsion. Bitumen emulsions are stored in special tanks or other cylindrical vessels. The vessels must be clean:they must not contain residual emulsions, bitumen, POL or other acidic or alkaline materials.

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Upgraded Design of Modified Bitumen Storage Tank SBM-15 Very important among bitumen equipment are modified bitumen storage tanks. At the requests of customers GlobeCore engineering department upgraded the existing design of modified bitumen storage tank SBM-15. In particular a new structural design of a storage tank with downwards pointing cone bottom solves the problem of heat Horizontal Bitumen Storage Tank - GlobeCore Bitumen The horizontal bitumen tank made by GlobeCore is designed for businesses involved in asphalt pavement and road repairs, waterproofing of foundations and other construction works, including roofing, manufacture of primers and mastics and various waterproofing materials.

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