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The French Department of Réunion is a small volcanic island off the coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. This route offers a means to discover the diversity of landscapes and culture on Reunion. The route is primarily on Reunions west coast where the views N Scale Spherical Tank 137m3 (PH32739AT) by NgineerThis tank holds about 137m³, or 65 tonnes, of LPG, LNG, Butane, Propane or any other liquified (pressurized) gas. This tank is 40mm in diameter and 46mm tall. Spherical tanks (also know as Horton Spheres) are used because the round shape has the lowest possible surface area to volume ratio and because this shape will distribute the stresses Technical FeaturesDetails :Mesh from user defined view (ideal for building façades) Full 3D mesh from 3D point clouds (ideal for convex and concave surfaces, tunnels, tanks, statues) Mesh editor and simplification Details :Tools window to fill mesh holes, cut triangles orthographic and spherical cameras calibration

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Designed Net(Cold) Volume:16,030 Gallons Design Codes:ASME BPV VIII, DIV. I (Latest Edition), ASME Code Case 2596, Seismic design per IBC 2009 and

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