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Lincoln Laboratory was founded in 1958 with a mission of providing corrosion protection for oil tanks and fuel enhancing additives to the oilheat industry. Residential oil tank services were integrated soon after with the establishment of Bond-Tite Tank Service. Our staff is committed to providing the highest quality products and service and, as the oilheat industry has evolved over time, we Heating Oil Delivery - Hometowne EnergyOilheat America; Blended Fuel Oil (Outside Tanks) Customers who use fuel oil and have an outside tank need to use blended fuel oil. Regular fuel oil will gel at below freezing temperatures, causing your furnace to stop running. To keep the fuel oil flowing in sub zero temperatures, Hometowne Energy will combine an additive with the fuel oil Heating Oil Services and Delivery in Upper Tidewater Oilheat is efficient. Oilheat is hot! Of all heating fuels, Oilheat has the hottest flame - for satisfying warmth, and rapid space and hot water heating. Oilheat systems are super-efficient! Thanks to major advancements being made in Oilheat burner technology, some Oilheat systems now boast efficiency ratings of over 95%!

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Oilheat America, the leading source for information on the benefits of using heating oil for space and hot water heating, has expanded its public outreach efforts by launching new Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ pages. Internet-connected computer and mobile device users can visit and follow or subscribe to these pages by clicking the social media icons at OilheatAmerica. NORA Launches the New OilheatAmerica National NORA, working with Primedia, identified the core attributes of Oilheat Safe, Renewable, Efficient, Clean, Domestic, Abundant and Independent.New content was then created to explain each attribute and how it benefits the consumer. Designed and developed for todays Internet user, the new site features a clean design, shorter copy, and a responsive design for ease and accessibility from NORA Releases Procedures for Proper Oil Tank Securement Jul 20, 2015 · NORA Releases Procedures for Proper Oil Tank Securement July 20, 2015 Uncategorized John Huber During severe flood events, such as those occurring from Hurricane Irene and Super-Storm Sandy, many coastal and low elevation inland areas were subjected to high water conditions. NORA, Oilheat America, Sid Harveys Websites Ariba Oil Check out these helpful links, courtesy of Ariba Oil Company, including the National Oilheat Research Alliance, Oilheat America & Sid Harvey's websites. 973-375-0770 Out of oil? Call Now!

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The National Oilheat Research Alliance has released a new Advanced Gold Series manual, Heating Fuel Storage Tanks, to accompany its Advanced Storage Tank Gold Series course or as a stand-alone study guide. Written by John Donohue, J Donohue Associates and John Levey, NORA, the new manual recognizes the importance of on-site liquid fuel storage to the homeowner and emphasizes the need National Oilheat Research AllianceThe National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) has added three new online courses to its training center at Learning.NORAweb.Two of them, Advanced Heating Fuel Storage Tanks and Advanced Efficiency, are components of NORAs technician Gold Certification program and offer six continuing education credits (CEU) each.The third, Bioheat ® Technical Guidance offers one credit. Oilheat Benefits - VPCMAThe storage tank allows you to have an adequate supply of heating oil ready for immediate use with the arrival of cold weather. There are two kinds of residential oil storage tanks. An aboveground storage tank may be located outside of a house, or it may be in a basement or garage. An underground storage tank is buried beneath the ground. Oilheat Manufacturers Association"To promote the growth and well being of the Oilheat industry by providing technical, education and related marketing support." Who is OMA OMA is an international trade association representing the manufacturers of oil heating equipment.

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Powering our Future with heating oil equipment for your home in Michigan. Whether you need to review heating oil uses, find answers to questions about heating oil equipment for your home or check out pricing trends, this website delivers the information you need to be a smart oilheat consumer. Powering the Future with Heating - Use Oilheat MichiganPowering our Future with heating oil equipment for your home in Michigan. Whether you need to review heating oil uses, find answers to questions about heating oil equipment for your home or check out pricing trends, this website delivers the information you need to be a smart oilheat consumer. ProductsThe TANK-GUARD® Program is a corrosion protection and warranty service for aboveground fuel oil tanks up to 330 gallons capacity. It is offered through a select network of Oilheat Dealers in North America. The TANK-GUARD® Program is provided by Lincoln Laboratory, a company which has served the Oilheat Industry for over 50 years.. The useful life of an oil storage tank is impossible to Roth North America Oilheat Manufacturers AssociationRoth North America specializes in environmentally friendly products that produce, distribute and store. Our Double-wall Oil Storage Tanks (DWT)are designed to offer the highest level of environmental protection. Every inner Roth heating oil storage tank is made out of blow-molded, high-density polyethylene that is seamless, absolutely leak-proof, rust proof and corrosion-resistant.

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Like any home appliance, an oil tank can last for many years. But just like any home appliance, there comes a time when you need to replace old and outdated equipment with something new and technologically advanced. And now is a great time to replace your old tank because the State of New Jersey has expanded eligibility for the Petroleum Upgrade & Save Energy Assistance Rebate Programs UNYEAThe Oilheat America website (OilheatAmerica) is an excellent resource for consumers who are looking to learn more about home heating oil.Here, existing homeowners, potential homebuyers, real estate professionals, home inspectors and builders can find valuable information about the benefits and uses of heating oil and dig deeper by accessing a knowledge base developed especially for the Oilheat America - About UsThe industry also educates tank installers, drivers, customer service personnel and management, to establish educational excellence in the Oilheat industry. Oilheat service professionals can also take NORA-approved courses at NORA-approved schools. These courses help technicians make each service call more efficient - saving the customer money.

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