Large-scaleoil tank

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 · Web viewQuality properties of the extra grade meal (according to the GST 46.004-99):Flour color not less 60 c.u.; Gluten flour not less 35 %; Protein 12%. Flour ash content 0,50 %; Moisture not more 13,5 %. Quality properties of the first-class grade meal (according to the GST 46.004-99):Flour color not less 50 c.u.; Gluten flour not less 26 % [DOC] · Web viewThe Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) has rules of origin requiring a change in 4 digit HS classification, with special processes defined as not constituting originating products; these include packing, marking and labelling, mixing of products, simple assembly of · Web viewOther oils and their fractions, obtained solely from olives, whether or not refined, but not chemically modified, including blends of these oils or fractions with oils or fractions of heading 15.09. 1510.00.10 - Crude oil - Other :1510.00.91 - - Refined oil 1510.00.92 - - Fraction of unrefined oil 1510.00.99


 · Web viewSimilarly, imports to the country have also increased from US $ 8.8 billion in 2005 to US $ 20.3 billion in 2011. India, China, Singapore and UAE continued to be the dominant suppliers to the country. In 2012, total expenditure on imports declined by 5.4 percent to US $ 19.2 billion with comparison to 2011.

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